“The Only Living Boy in New York” Film Review

VANCOUVER – The Only Living Boy in New York is a tired film that rides the lines of a coming-of-age story. Sprinkled throughout this cluster of narratives is a love letter to the big apple, and the result is a vague blur of a movie that, for all its shiny toys, really doesn’t say anything provocative.

The film centers on recent Columbia graduate Thomas Webb (Callum Turner). Thomas catches his father, Ethan (Pierce Brosnan), out with another woman, Johanna (Kate Beckinsale), but a new and mysterious friend, W.F. Gerald (Jeff Bridges) teaches Thomas to stop worrying about the morality of things and live life.

Allan Loeb’s script is mediocre and, at points, tries too hard to recapture the New York of the 50s and 60s. The film is a poor outing for director Marc Webb, who has shown promise in the past with romantic comedies like 500 Days of Summer but here only offers a bundle of underdeveloped narratives and clichéd plot pieces. Somebody grab the defibrillator.

[Originally published in September 2017 print edition of BeatRoute Magazine]

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