“A Quick Lesson in Music History with Max Asper”

This was a four-part podcast series I created as the final project for my MJ degree. Each episode details a significant invention in music history, and how it changed the culture of the era. The purpose for creating this was to test the skills I picked up over the course of my two-year program, and hone my skills as a podcaster.

Episode 1: Vinyl & The Record Player

Episode 2: The Compact Disc

Episode 3: MP3s & Online Music

Episode 4: Music Streaming

“The Helmet” by Max Asper

“The Helmet” was a short audio story I did for my Podcasting course at Ryerson University. The idea was to take a personal memory and transform it into an entertaining audio piece using audio effects and dramatic narration. For my project, I chose to recount the time I ruined one of my father’s prized possessions…